The new dimension of lighting wrap : animated advertising on demand !

Many U.S company seized the interest of communication vehicles:
– This is an ambulatory advertisement
– No tax
– Easy price
– 100% reversible marking

Installation is fast. A few minutes for the simplest design to two days for a total covering.
The withdrawal is always carried out without damage to the body.
This is a big advantage when you consider that 90% of the fleet are leased and return contractual clause allowing no degradation or modification.
That explains why advertising is so popular stickering on cab and bus.
Indeed, communication agencies make the link between public transport companies concerned about their profitability and advertisers in bad visibility.
Business is simple and profitable: agencies assign an advertising space rented to the transport Campanies renumbering on each campaign.

– The Miami Dade County in Florida has 893 buses, 136 subway cars, 42 cars tires (Metromover cars) and more than 140 cab campagnies.
Advertising budgets relate almost $56 million per year

– At Paris, France, Metro stations are integrally wrap with vinyl advertising announcer such as Sony or Nokia.

The future of this communication belongs to the electroluminescent lightpaper.

This is a true technological breakthrough that allows the design conceived to be animated as if the LEDs were placed under the film.

A light comes from vinyl panels or wire placed so as to create a real TV screen on the floor or the vehicle body.
Extra cost from this cover is that it represents fully profitable by the lure of a campaign unexpected.
The creatives are in love to this new toy, the public retains the message delivered by the advertiser, and transport campanies make more money

– In Las Vegas, NV: Bus Company double floor, Deuce were able to invest to create an exceptional eye to the excesses of the city.

Lighting wrapping, better than LEDs

Communicate efficiently with electroluminescent car wrapping

– In New York, ELISA Aeronautics provided Goodyear plans to cover a hot air balloon to display a logo of a bright area sized like a basketball court while respecting the conditions of flight

Here is a video showing the installation and removal of adhesive advertising on a chevrolet camaro.

More information on the cover advertising, click here…

How much does a sticker, wire, magnets or a light wrapping?

Select a thematic window and let guide…

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