Animated wrapping advertising campaign

Technical Guide authorized installers
To be perfectly understandable, this manual must be should be read after completing a professional training.


Temporary advertising on vehicles or buildings is possible thanks to electroluminescent vinyl stickers and printed by suppliers or advanced technology derived from aircraft by Elisa.

The quality of these materials is important because they condition the holding of the facility over a satisfactorily period, but also reduces downtime in the workshop. Although the price of investment is higher, in the end you save money on the cost of total production.

First step

1.1 Shop around communication agencies and local SMEs. This will be your first regular customers. After your training, we provide the official directory that you will reference local investors.
1.2 At your appointment, you must raise all the information related to customer specifications as well as its graphic. You also need to consider your needs technical facilities that will enable the project.
For example, which side should be assembly power wire? or again, it is better to use:

– Electroluminescent wire

Women model underwear electroluminescent

Electroluminescent wire apply example

Folding redlight tape

– Hard dibon or plexi electroluminescent sign

Sign electroluminscent for Emirates Arabian united

El plexi hard sign design for a Dubai investissor

– Stickers or panels

Electroluminescent panel in Las Vegas for a camaro

A Camaro with electroluminescent design in front of Paris Hotel at las vegas

– Full and half wrapping

Wrap dallas stars electroluminescent

The Dallas Stars SUV Full wrapping electroluminescent inclued. Very easy to install

Advertising lightmotion banner

– Clothing (T shirt, sweat)

ELISA Aeronautics electroluminescent police shirt

Illustration of Police shirt electroluminescent equipment print since 2010. Today, is it possible to design electroluminescent T shirt on demand

1.3 Once you have a clear idea of the project, an online module is available that allows you to put an immediate quotation during your interview.

This apply is translated four languages. So you can include:

– Public prices
– Pro rating
– Order anytime and anywhere
– Pay with swipe phone or with your available credit on the Workshop Compensation Central of America.

1.4 From a technical standpoint, you can:

– Select electroluminescent material that you really need
– Define the exact dimensions
– Define an animation sequence
– Choose the power supply the most appropriate
– Specify the parameters related to flat wires (size and position on the panel)
– Add a complete seal for marine use.
– Determine what step of assembly you wish to receive your custom order *

* The standard commands are products of major distributions.Only authorized outlets can sell an article or custom.

Second step

2.1 After completing specification, an operator takes care of your order and make sure to design a product true to the data sheet upload. All the elements are built and assembled by hand, from electronics to the slopes of diffusion panels. Thus, each item custom outgoing factories Elisa is an original manufacturing identifiable by its serial number and signature of the supervisor. The full industrialization of components in the U.S. and timeliness of Nevada plants are values recognized by the Department of Commerce.

2.2 Thus, an optimal production quality 100% Made in USA is fundamental to your benefits.

Third step: Installing Electroluminescent commercial signs on body
Comparison: Campaign advertising on cars and bus with or without électoluminescent.

3.1 The advertisers seeking a large visibility have to use public transport vehicles to display their campaign. This is a wise choice when design is “catchy”. Promotional technique must be nice to see, day and night.

During the day, a simple wrap enough to be perceived by anyone but goes completely unnoticed by 6 PM to 5 AM (on average). It mean’s 11 hours of inefficiency. Half budget spent in vain. At night, toplights are placed on Cab roofs. Design is visible at night but the size of exposure is reduced to the device dimensions without animations possible. Emitting vinyle advertising, using the same process as the classic vehicle wrap, allows to use the entire surface of the vehicle (car, bus, wagons, subway tunnels, boat, blimp) as an animated neon sign. Unbreakable, No glowing. Just stick it campaign without equivalent. No alteration of transport activity. It’s a brand new way of advertising.

smart car chrom electroluminescent wrap firstclass autosports

Announcer can communicate in 2 differents efficient ways. 12 hours with a day design , 12 hours with a nigh motion design.



50"x22" El advertising

Very effective location and behind the eye level of drivers.                                    UNITS                        1                 6              12             24                                                      SPACE RATE        $125          $170       $1080    $1920                              PRODUCTION     $377, 91  $359, 01    $340, 11  $321, 22

84"x31" electroluminescent panel

The best ratio display size / price. A real advertising kinetic animation seen in more than 4 blocks                                                                                                                            SPACE RATE        $250                                                                                          PRODUCTION     $767, 96

100"x82" electroluminescent half wrapping

The entire back of the bus becomes a desktop animation. A microperforated wrapping is necessary for the rear window. The announcer starts out simple framework of advertising and offers the public an extraordinary visual experience. SPACE RATE       $500                                                                                             PRODUCTION    $1767, 16

electroluminescent side bus ad

Curb side and street side (2 panels)                                                                                     UNITS                          1                6             12          18            24                                                        SPACE RATE         $150         $800     $1600    $2600     $3200                           PRODUCTION     $787, 24    $747, 87 $708, 51 $669, 15  $629, 79                                                each

electroluminescent panel medium size 144x30

Street side Only- Large size. UNITS       1                        2                                                                                                     SPACE RATE        $250                 $250                                                                                           PRODUCTION      $1052, 94      $2105, 88

Quarter wrap side bus

By performing the two sides and tail light, quarter can change the look of the back of the bus at a lower cost. SPACE RATE  $600  PRODUCTION On demand

Half wrap side bus (or full wrap for short model)

Communication Agencies favors a broad surface like this one for a campaign that blends being forgotten that this is just a bus. SPACE RATE $900 PRODUCTION On demand

3/4 Side wrap Bus

For bus extension, caravans, wagon train, ferry or boat, it is now possible to offer a large advertising space. SPACE RATE $ 1400 PRODUCTION On demand

Full side wrap extension bus

Advertising campaigns designed to key accounts, major LLC as Coke or Redbull movie ads from Universal or Fox. The full wrapping electroluminescent what is the best in animated visuals allow road. SPACE RATE $1700 PRODUCTION On demand

Full side wrap bus extension plus

Special projects require a constant technological innovation. Thus, the recent ads have helped to animate the flexible portion of the bus. Then, it is posssible to immerse the viewer even further. A unique experience for a campaign without equivalent. SPACE RATE $1900 PRODUCTION On demand

Full wrap side bus clash of the titans

Warner Bros prod. commissioned during the release of this film. Graphic designers have provided a model for printing custom that allowed a giant boa constrictor to grind a public bus. Awesome day, at night came alive design of amazing way without disturbing the attention of drivers.

Need more information? Find an authorized installer across North America, Europe, Middle East, South America and Africa by clicking here.

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