How to install a car sticker ?

This is a question that asked lot of driver wishing to further customize the exterior of the vehicle after being confronted with the harsh reality in garage. Indeed, up to 800 $ for a stickering done by a technician or a brand like Chevrolet can sometimes make people looking for an another way to select. After reading this illustrated guide, You’ll quickly find an anwser to ask your questions.

Where print their stickers and how much it cost?
The sticker price for a single is really cheap and depends on several factors such as its size, the amount and function emitting. In the example of today, for a roof stickers already design, listen to $ 80. A price that is miles away from that announced by the manufacturer’s technical workshop. There are many sites offering good quality models. For reproduction or custom logo / electroluminescent, we recommend the control module for forum below. It gives you an accurate estimate for your needs.

Proceeding with the installation
It’s very simple. Compared to the economy performs, do not hesitate to order 2 copies just in case … When we receive your order, first check the good conditions of your stickers. Printers as Elisa certify the authenticity and quality control of their product before shipping. Start cleaning as well as possible without water. Take measures and identify benchmarks for pre-positioning the stickers without removing anything from your vinyl. Once the final position found, attach with 3M tape in the half of stickers. Fold the remaining free on the portion fixed to the body by the tape. Remove the white liner presents itself to you. This is the “bottom” of the image that protects the adhesive surface. Beware the small cut or letters that tend to come with the liner: all images must remain on the liner top transparent. Once at the halfway level, cut the white liner becomes unnecessary, care not to touch the adhesive. From the base of the stickers, just cut the liner white, start applying the sticker with a squeegee, still without water. Be careful because you need to leave no air bubbles. Take the necessary time and press hard! Once pasted the first part, do the same by removing the white liner from the base (from center of the sticker). On this part, you can spatulate liner transparent as you remove the white liner. Finally, remove the transparent liner. Only the grounds of the logo or lettering are sticky, there will be a magnificent stickering car. Depending on your dexterity, the result is perfect and you just save a friendly budget that can be used on another details.

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