Quality electroluminescent race numbers dedicated to the competition. Illustration of electroluminescent car wrap with numbers and advertising

Electroluminescent race numbers

Prepare the 24hours race of Le Mans (France)
2 Electroluminescent race numbers – Stickers Kit for Motorcycle / Auto
2013 Special Limited Le Mans 24 hours edition (see details sheet below)

  •      Race numbers or logo customizable choice
  •      Miniaturized power supply unit reusable, you buy it once
  •      Flexible, waterproof, heatproof and stick within 3 seconds
  •      Incredibly powerfull at night
  •      From the official sponsor supplier of 2010 NASCAR, JetDRAG, DRIFT cup and 24 hr of Le Mans
  •      Fast plug
  •      Quality is not an option : no asian, no DIY
  •      Used on the open road
Light racing number

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Chapt. I – 2013 Bol d’or Rules
Extract of 2013 standard sheet
Quality of available devices
Appropriateness of material
Electroluminescent racing number sticks Buy on line
Technical support

I – Regulation Bol d’Or 2013
The 2013 season saw the emergence of new standards in the identification of component drivers and specifically consistency in the identification of race numbers. Indeed, it is mandatory to equip motorcycles lighting devices forfeit numbers to measure precise dimensions and be implemented at specific locations on the fairings.

Extract from the 2013 standards
– The number to the front or on the middle of body or slightly to one side. The top of the figure should be angled toward the midline. Number should be centered on the bottom of 0.98 inch in all directions without any advertising.
– Once on each side of the machine. It is also accepted that the assigned number is applied to the upper part of the seat backrest, the top number being directed towards the driver. number should be centered on white background.

The dimensions of all the numbers on the front are applied:
– Minimum height: 5.5 inch
– Minimum width: 3.15 inch
– Minimum width of stroke: 0.98 inch
– Minimum space between digits: 0.39 inch

The dimensions of all the numbers on the sides are applied:
– Minimum height: 4.72 inch
– Minimum width: 3.15 inch
– Minimum width of stroke: 0.98 inch
– Minimum space between digits: 0.39 inch

The colors are allowed by category:
– Formula EWC Background: Black Ral 9005 – White Figures
– Superstock Background: Red RAL 3020 – White Figures
– Open Background: Green Ral 6002 – White Figures

In case of dispute consernant readability electroluminescent race issue, the decision of the FIM Endurance Technical Director / Chief Technical Director will be.

electroluminescent policy numbers

Electroluminescent policy numbers

electroluminescent policy numbers

Electroluminescent policy numbers

Quality of available devices
Positive: Good visibility
Negative: Weight – Installation long, breakable, unsightly

Positive: Weight, Quick Installation in 3 seconds, good visibility, no break during an accident, cheap
Negative: Devices that are not standards may cause electricity problems and sealing. Avoid Asian origins kit or build it yourself.

weight constraints of rigid plates and light hard installations level play against them compared recent advances in light adhesive film. Understand that light diffuse from stickers as the same way that a lamp who be flexible and athermal. Apply a few seconds on the body, the adhesive is waterproof and fits perfectly to the convolution of the fairings. To gain weight and power consumption, the gearboxes are miniaturized while maintaining their safety function.

Technical Electroluminesenteo number sticks
Online sale of dual electroluminescent stickers ready to install.
Numbers to choose corresponding to color codes and dimensions for each category.
Total weight of 2.2 pounds Kit
Maximum consumption 0.25 A
Apolar output
12 V transformer miniaturized. Connection of beam directly on the battery or on the headlights.
Backglu without water
Connection racing
Number sticker waterproof and light – Turns BLUE / BLUE ON (Other colors are available)
All forms, logo, all possible animation
Home delivery or agency for installation in an approved center

Application derived from competition

electroluminescent bike

Electroluminescent light sticker on Ducati body

electroluminescent hands protection

Electroluminescent FOX hands protection

II – REGULATIONS 24 hours of Le Mans 2013
Excerpt from regulation in 2013

                                                                   1.7 MOTORCYCLES
1.7.1 Classes
The class for the FIM World Championship is: FORMULA EWC;Definition according to articles 2.6.
The class for the FIM World Cup is: SUPERSTOCK; According to definition of sections 2.7
The organizer may allow the participation of another class. The technical specifications of this class must be specified in the regulations. Teams of this class will not be graded and will receive no benefits and prices. At scrutineering before the first official practice session, team leaders must sign a statement confirming the class that their motorcycle is engaged. No change of class will be allowed after the signing of this document. A team is allowed to present at scrutineering several machines of the same class only.
1.7.2 Lighting and signaling
Only for races taking place partly at night: Two retro-reflective armbands plastic with an effective seal provided by the organizers must obligatorily be worn by the rider at all times during practice, warm up and the race. In addition, the organizer must provide a bracelet in the same color as the armbands.
The helmet must be fitted with retroreflective surfaces, self-adhesive on the back and sides, one 3.87 sq/in red , the other white 3.87 sq/in well.
All lights must be on the motorcycle when the Race Director requires. Instructions will be provided with a panel (39.37 in horizontal X 31.49 in vertical – black – word “LIGHT” in yellow).
The lights will remain on until the riders are allowed to extinguish. Instructions will be provided by the same panel barred. The electric motorcycles must be in accordance with Article 2.3.11. Motorcycles must wear number plates in accordance with section 2.3.12.
lectroluminescent race Numbers are required

Electroluminescent Race Numbers

Electroluminescent Race numbers


1.7.3 Means of propulsion
A motorcycle must not be moved by its own power, the muscular effort of the driver or the natural force of gravity.

Pilote sphere
Stand and pitt stop
Electroluminescent competition devices


2.11.1 Riders must wear a leather suit with additional leather padding or other protection on the principal contact points, knees, elbows, shoulders, hips, etc..
2.11.2 Linings or undergarments should not be plastic can melt and cause skin runners.
2.11.3 Riders must also wear gloves and leather boots, with the combination, completely cover the rider from the neck down.
2.11.4 leather substitute materials may be used, provided that they have been checked by the Chief Scrutineer.
2.11.5 Using a back protector is highly recommend
2.11.6 Riders must wear a helmet which is in good condition, properly adjusted and securely fastened.
2.11.7 Helmets must be of integral type and conform to one of the recognized international standards:
Europe : ECE 22-05 Japan: ‘P’ JIS T 8133 2007 USA: SNELL M 2010
2.11.8 Visors shall be in securit.
2.11.9 The disposable visors are allowed.
11/02/10 Any questions regarding the fact that the clothing and / or rider’s helmet is appropriate or in good condition will be taken by the Technical Director / Chief Technical Steward, who may, if he so wishes, consult the manufacturer of the product before making a final decision.

electroluminescent Helmet

Electroluminescent Helmet

Electroluminescent helmets are an additional points of visibility surrounding the safe harbor pilot. In addition, a multitude of design that can be displayed, the headset will find a commercial unquestionable interest for the night race or location ideal for an electroluminescent race numbers

Electroluminescent Biker Suit

Hight end Electroluminescent Biker Suit – French collection


1.15.5 pit-stops No open flame is allowed in the stand regardless of time. The use of a device for additional illumination to the work area is allowed stand. This device must be securely attached to the wall of the stand at a height of 79 inchs minimum. Lighting systems consist of a portable media placed on the ground are not allowed. During a pit stop, the engine must be stopped. It can be momentarily switched to a test or setting.
Headlights must be obligatorily off until the machine reparte its stand. Only team members carry passes and adequate official directly involved in the pit stop, are allowed in the work area in front of their booth. They must have the body fully covered. During the pit stop, 4 people clearly identified and accredited to work directly on the machine.
If the rider takes part in the work, it will be included in these 4 people. Outside interventions, team members can stay in the pit lane.

electroluminescent wall

Electroluminescent pit wall

Pitt stop or stand itself may be the seat of a telluric additional lighting. Thus, the installation of partitions wallpaper életroluminescent diffuse from the printing, a vertical slot or from the ground, during the night race moments. Yools box and combinations of team members can integrate aesthetically integrated electroluminescent devices.

Electroluminescent race number bike

Electroluminescent race number

In Progress..

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  1. Julian Boland
    Julian Boland says:

    Hi, we as a team are competing in the Endurance World Championship. As you are aware it is now compulsory to use back light numbers.
    I have been looking at different companies that supply this product. I would like to know a little more about your product.
    Is there a power supply? If so, can you please send me images and dimensions of the power box?
    Are the numbers design manufactured by yourselves or do you supply the material and we cut the shape.
    Can you please give me a price per kit ( 2 x number boards)
    Can you please let me know any more information that you think I may need.

    TT Legends

    • ludo
      ludo says:

      Julian, hi
      Indeed, there is need of a power supply that we provide. Our Power box are miniaturized and currently Lumamedia serve our partners official kyle busch NASCAR team . Electrical Power depend of size of number that you need.
      Lumamedia is manufacturer of his own electroluminescent technology: you can buy a kit online ready to install on 24 hr of Mans 2013 Rules (bike). Price is display when you clic the buy button on this page. This is a Paypal link where all informations will be transmitted. For a bigger racing number, let us know what you need.
      The English version of website is currently developed, please come back to visit us frequently

  2. Karsten Herold
    Karsten Herold says:

    Hi there,

    i search for my 50ccm bike a classic race number sticker and like to know where i can find a collection incl. price and other details about your Electroluminescent products …?!

    Please contact me over my mail if you have something to offer!



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